Lexus GX470 Kyrgyzstan cars for rent

Lexus GX470

20 September - 10 June:
01-07 days – 60 $ 
08-15 days – 50 $
16-25 days – 45 $                    

11 June - 19 September:
01-07 days – 100 $ 
08-15 days – 90 $
16-25 days – 80 $

Lexus GX470 Kyrgyzstan rent a car 1     Lexus GX470 Kyrgyzstan rent a car 2
Lexus GX470 Kyrgyzstan rent a car 4     Lexus GX470 Kyrgyzstan rent a car 3

To travel to the mountainous Kyrgyzstan, you need a car for rent that can not only drive around the city, but also one that can withstand your entire journey along a dirt road. Renting Lexus GX470 is a great choice for this. The car is good to drive, and it feels not only on the city highway, this is what you need. Comfort in a beautiful passenger compartment all the way of your journey.

This car is for the hands of a great driver. It is not only beautiful, but also reliable and safe to use. When you rent this car do not worry about a long trip, it will not exhaust you. Since the car has everything for your comfort and convenience: AC, seat heating. All this will be very helpful as the temperature in mountainous varies.

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