Rent a car in Bishkek

You are up to experiencing new culture and exploring new places in Kyrgyzstan? Then you should take your chance and rent a car from one of the most reputable company not only in Kyrgyzstan but also all over the Central Asia. We’ve been working on car rent market for more than ten years and have filled our fleet with different types of cars for rent suitable for any taste, preference and budget.  In Kyrgyzstan, this kind of self-drive will take you to the beautiful landscapes, turquoise mountain lakes and remarkable historical monuments all across the country. The most exciting fact is that you can take your time and go out of popular touristic sites as well as off-beaten tracks.

If you want to make unforgettavle Silk Road journey, then you can combine different countries in Central Asia and use our cars for rent. Despite the fact they are located in Bishkek, we can deliver them to other cities and countries. If you think it is best for you to start you travelling in Kazakhstan, we can bring the car to Almaty. Our cars for rent you can drive in Tajikistan as well, making a round trip in legendary Pamir Highway and come back to Kyrgyzstan. You can also rent comfortable crossovers in Uzbekistan to see amazing architecture of medieval ages.

It easy to book the car, you just need to send copies of passports, driving licenses and certain percentage of total car rent price. After arrival, you will pay the rest and get the car in ideal condition. We will put inside of car the following items like folding table, chairs, gas boiler, sleeping bags, tents and many others you can embark on travelling right away. Journey on rental car will present you unbelievable experience in breathtaking places and remarkable historical monuments. Our company will be very happy to provide our cars for rent to your unforgettable journey throughout Central Asian countries and Kyrgyzstan!