Alpinism in Kyrgyzstan

In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you can see that alpinism is the main interest for tourists. We suggest to rent a car with a driver or self-drive. During travelling in Kyrgyzstan you will see that during the Soviet Union it was prohibited to travel in mountains. And those who were looking forward for making tours in Kyrgyzstan were given special permissions. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan at high altitudes you can feel discomfort of being surrounded by severe weather. And this weather causes difficulties for all making tours in Kyrgyzstan. It is known that there were severe circumstances for various travellers making tours in Kyrgyzstan. They were caught by avalanches.

In order to travel in Kyrgyzstan we can say that it is not necessary to vault peaks. And those who travelled in Kyrgyzstan and managed to mount all peaks of 7000m were given an award of the Snow Leopard. Only 600 climbers managed to travel in mountains of Kyrgyzstan successfully. Here you will have an opportunity to get car rent from with our company.