Come to Konorchek canyons the wonderful locality

The amazing landscapes of Konorchek canyons resemble the Grand Canyon in the USA, but at the same time they carry a significant particle of the unique nature of Kyrgyzstan. It's a fabulous place located in 125 km from Bishkek, in Boom gorge. In tours you can reach by any transport as bus and car, or use a car rent service. Konorchek canyon is a mysterious land of intensely coloured and textured formations of red sandstone. It's a wild and inspiring region.

The climate in the canyons of Konorchek is quite unusual and original. During the summer time it is very hot and dry; winters are cold, but rather snowless. The aim of these tours to study of mountain landscapes of Kyrgyzstan and enjoy the view in tours. It is really astonishing, and ultimate red rocks is very impressive. Take a car rent, organize tours and get nice vacation in Kyrgyzstan!