On a trip to our country on tours in Kyrgyzstan, you will have a great opportunity to get acquainted with beautiful landscapes, see many beautiful places and enjoy the delicious smithy of the nomadic people. The cuisine of Kyrgyzstan itself is diverse and is based on the customs and traditions of such peoples as Persians, Turks, Arabs, Indians, Chinese, Russians, and Europeans. You will be able to rent a car, enjoy the scenery, and see many beautiful sights in Kyrgyzstan. And before the tour starts, we want to introduce you to the highlights of the traditional cuisine of Kyrgyzstan:

People respect him and the bread of the Kyrgyz is of great importance. The Kyrgyz have a tradition that they tear bread with their hands and drink it with tea. And be sure that the bread should stand with the top side up, and not upside down. There is a well-known type of bread-tortilla, which is baked in a tandoor, and bursok are small pieces of bread that are fried in oil. in the Kyrgyz people, prosperity is above all - bread is the head of everyone.

Beshbarmak is a well-known and popular dish among people who led a nomadic lifestyle in the past, and the dish began to exist even from ancient times. Before eating food, you should wash your hands, give thanks, and eat this food with your hands. And usually beshbarmak is eaten at the same table, and various topics are discussed. Usually the dough is served with meat and onions.

Chuchuk is a Kyrgyz delicacy that is eaten with pleasure, it includes a set of products that are usually served for festive events and holidays. If you want to cook chuchuk, you will need such ingredients as kazy kabyrga (ribs), ulcers, salt, black pepper, paprika, onion, garlic, bay leaf and cumin. Also, different types of meat marinade are used here.

Kuurdak is also a famous dish among the Kyrgyz, which is prepared from fried beef, or lamb with onions and potatoes. It is usually prepared by nomadic peoples on metal. If it is prepared on stones, then the food gets a unique taste and originality.

You have a great opportunity to try a delicious meat soup, which is prepared with vegetables and herbs. And usually the dish is prepared in the east. Usually, guests of the country when on a tour of Kyrgyzstan try this dish and add red pepper to make the taste of the dish unique. Thus, the taste of the ingredients is revealed and they acquire a unique taste.

In our tours in Kyrgyzstan, you can enjoy delicious dishes, such as plov. It is prepared by different peoples of the earth. And it is usually prepared in Asian countries and many others. Plov is usually prepared for various events such as weddings, births, or funerals. And also prepare it for special events, such as a guest visit, and hostesses prepare it. In our tours, you will find delicious dishes that you can enjoy.

In our tours in Kyrgyzstan, you can rent a car and enjoy an interesting trip around Kyrgyzstan, try a delicious pie made from meat, onions and other ingredients. Samsa has different types. And they are usually prepared in a tandoor, and sometimes they are prepared on special stones. And sometimes chicken is used instead of beef.

Manty is a delicious traditional Kyrgyz dish that is usually placed in the middle of the table. Kyrgyz people have many traditional dishes like manty. People usually eat it with their hands. Our customers of the company will be able to enjoy a delicious dish, and put the desired amount in their dishes. Manty is made from meat and dough, which is prepared in a special dish and steamed, with a certain amount of time.

In Central Asia, there is a delicious dish called lagman, which is made from vegetables, lamb and noodles. And you can explore how to make a delicious dough dish yourself. You have a chance to enjoy this dish, which is prepared with a lot of water to make it look like soup. The gravy includes such ingredients as carrots, eggplants, beans, radishes, onions and many others.

Ashlyam – Fu
You will be able to taste a delicious dish in the Karakol Ashlian-Fu. Here in Kyrgyzstan you can rent a car and enjoy the traditional dishes of the country. This dish is usually served cold and it is ideal in summer, when it is hot to quench your thirst. The dish includes dishes such as starch, sauce, noodles, and vegetables. This dish is mainly of Muslim origin from Dungan.

Shashlyk is a delicious dish that is prepared on a fire. You will be able to try it in cafes or restaurants where you can order it on tours around Kyrgyzstan. The dish itself has an origin deep in history, which is rooted in the Turkic culture. And we suggest you try this dish with pickled food, with different types of sauces and some types of vegetables.

In our tours of Kyrgyzstan, you have the chance to try a delicious dish called dymlyama, which is remarkable for its preparation, where various ingredients are simply mixed. Many ingredients are included there, such as potatoes, onions, tomatoes, lamb, tomatoes, bell peppers, and many others.

Ganfan is a dish that has an eastern origin, when people connect the connection with lagman. You will be able to see on tours in Kyrgyzstan that there are various vegetables, noodles, spices, but with a lot of water. And sometimes rice is served. This delicious dish is a beautiful decoration on any festive table.

The food of Slavic origin is called borsch, which is very famous. Since Kyrgyzstan has excellent relations with Russia, everyone loves this dish and it is famous. And also this dish is very popular in restaurants that you can eat there. This soup is notable for the fact that the ingredients in the dish such as vegetables, beef, beets and soup have a red color.

You will be able to try a delicious dish like cutlets in Kyrgyzstan on tours. This country is multi-ethnic and many people with different customs and traditions live here. And for this reason, there are many different fine cuisines here. From the French cuisine came the cutlet, which is made from the ribs of meat. And cutlets are made from such types of meat as beef, turkey, or chicken. Onions and potatoes are also added there.

You can try a delicious snack of domestic production-kurut which is served as a snack. You will be able to explore that this is a natural product made from milk. The dish itself looks like a ball and it can be creamy, salty, sometimes even sweet or sour and even spicy. Kurut is always a table decoration. All the locals love this snack and you will love it too.

Mampar is a delicious soup made in Central Asia, it is made from boiled dough, with potatoes and onions. And also add various products. It is very easy to prepare and it is very tasty, always beautiful on any table.

The Slavic people had a very strong influence on the Kyrgyz people, and the Kyrgyz like pelmeni. Boiled food, usually meat is hidden in the dough, and then boiled in water. The dish itself is served with mayonnaise, sour cream or ketchup.


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