Different seasons in Kyrgyzstan

It is well known that Kyrgyzstan is a country of extra-continental climate and it is different in different seasons. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan and rent a car in frames of a tour it is possible to find activity in any season of the year. There are four seasons in Kyrgyzstan that may be clearly seen – spring is from March to May, summer is from May to September, autumn is from September to December and winter is from December to February. And also you should remember that temperatures in Kyrgyzstan differ in accordance with the altitude. As high in the mountains it becomes colder, winds are blowing severely.

Winter is a season in Kyrgyzstan when temperature may be about + 1 °C (34 °F) up to –10 °C. The very frosts start in the middle of December and February. But the very season of cold temperatures starts in January. High in the mountains it is rather cold due to high altitudes. And during winter time you can do winter kinds of sport – hiking, trekking, skiing. And the great place here is the winter ski base in Karakol, in mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

Spring may be felt by guests of the country in the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan. It begins in May and shows us the melting season. All glaciers start to melt with snow lying in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan and cities. The average temperature will be about + 16 °C (60 °F) but severe rainfalls still will be at the entire territory of Kyrgyzstan. Spring is the high time for all gardeners to start their works in their gardens and farms.

Summer is the season of travelling in Kyrgyzstan. Average temperatures will be about 35 °C (95°F) - 45° C (113° F). But for now temperatures are higher than 48° C so take care of you. High in the mountains temperatures are lowers and atmosphere is cooler and more pleasant. At high altitudes it is possible to witness all four seasons of the year. Moreover we are glad to say that it is the very season of making tours in Kyrgyzstan where you can visit significant and interesting places of the country. Kyrgyzstan has amazing and breath-taking views and it is high time not to miss them. It is possible to start trekking, hiking, horse riding, swimming in lakes of Kyrgyzstan. And of course Kyrgyzstan is well-known for mountains and it is a great opportunity to start tours there.

Being in Kyrgyzstan in autumn you will feel pleasant temperatures of + 16 °C (60 °F) up to + 3 °C (37.5 °F). It is also considered to be the season of travelling in Kyrgyzstan as it is not hot, sun is shining mild and pleasant. In the end of the season it becomes colder. In the very mountains the temperature gets lower with every high altitude.

Autumn is a great season for travelling in Kyrgyzstan and taking photos against amazing and breath-taking views. What can we see in Kyrgyzstan? Snow-white tops of mountains and emerald-green meadows. In the end of the autumn season it may be difficult to make tours in Kyrgyzstan as weather becomes colder.

Before starting tours in Kyrgyzstan it is necessary for you to decide the reason and aim of a tour: car rent, hiking, trekking, horse riding, shooting or you just want to wander about amazing pastures and meadows? During any tour in Kyrgyzstan you will be given an interesting program of information about Kyrgyzstan – legends and myths.