Kyrgyz Glaciers

            When guests of the country start to travel in Kyrgyzstan they realize that most of the territory is seen in glaciers. Before starting a tour in Kyrgyzstan you should be aware about precipitations – high in the mountains it is always cold, it is always snowing and raining and sheets of ice compress in glaciers. It is better to rent a car in order to travel with comfort.

            There have been made various explorations and it is said that glaciers cover the territory of the country at 8,100 km2. These glaciers, some of them, may be seen when you travel in mountains of Kyrgyzstan. But there is still a danger in cracks in ice. These cracks are being covered from the sight of mountaineers as it is always snowing in mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

            One of the most known glaciers in Kyrgyzstan is Engilchek. It is divided into the one to be close to Peak Pobeda and Khan Tengri. Glaciers like Ak-Sai at 3,500 m and Adygene 3,200 m are located near Bishkek and may be visited when you travel in the gorge Ala Archa of Kyrgyzstan. during your tour in Kyrgyzstan you will be amazed by the beauty of panorama of mountains of the country. The view is truly breath-taking and may be captured by all who make a tour in Kyrgyzstan. In case glaciers start to melt they will cover the country at the depth of 3m and if it happens it would be impossible to travel in Kyrgyzstan. Welcome to travel in Kyrgyzstan and get unforgettable emotions with car rent.