Kyrgyz Khan Tengri

            We are ready to provide car rent services according to your tastes and make your travels – perfect. Kyrgyzstan is a country of mountains that creates amazing opportunities for us to make a tour along one of the most popular peaks in the country – Khan Tengri. Talking about it we can say that travelling in Kyrgyzstan near the border with Kazakhstan we can witness the beauty of the peak of the pyramid form. In accordance with information given by local residents, the name of the peak is translated as “Prince of Spirits” or “Ruler of the Sky”. During tours in Kyrgyzstan you should think twice and be extremely careful before starting to vault the top of this mountain.

            There have been made various investigations concerning the height of the peak. During the tour in Kyrgyzstan the guide will tell you that mainly the peak was said to be 6995m above sea level, but with new notes it starts to be known that the peak is 7010m above sea level. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan it is possible to investigate the peak at the bottom of it or vault at the medium height. But mainly the latter height is said to be the one that can’t be trusted.

  1. Semyenov made investigation tours in Kyrgyzstan in order to give the earth information about our amazing country. When he travelled in Kyrgyzstan he pointed out that there were two similar peaks – Peak Pobeda and Khan Tengri. He considered them to be similar as in accordance with his thoughts there were of the same pyramid shape. And you can be convinced that they are completely different when you try to travel in Kyrgyzstan. P. Semyenov travelled in Kyrgyzstan in 1857.

            Most of climbers consider the peak to be of a bad reputation. During various tours in Kyrgyzstan mountaineers were caught by different unpredictable circumstances. And out of it the local name of the peak Kan Tau may be translated as Blood Mountain. And the reason to it may be past tragic events that color the mountain in blood, or amazing sunsets and sunrises.

            During the times of the Soviet Union it was completely prohibited to make tours in Kyrgyzstan. Those who wanted to travel in Kyrgyzstan were struggling with the powers in order to get the permission. And anyway there were managed vaults. Though only local residents could be allowed to mount the peak. In 1931 the team from Ukraine made a success during their tour in Kyrgyzstan.

            Travelling in Kyrgyzstan you have an amazing opportunity to witness the famous Enilchek Glacier. The lake Merzbacher is also on the way of tourists when they make tours in Kyrgyzstan. In case you have decided to travel in Kyrgyzstan and visit the peak you will have to pass the Tien Shan fir forest and Karkara river. Finally, you can find yourself in an amazing place of the peak Khan Tengri, the beauty of panorama of which will leave nobody indifferent. Write us for renting a car in Kyrgyzstan!