Kyrgyz Manas complex

Starting a tour in Kyrgyzstan and rent a car it is great if you start to travel in the village Tash-Aryk and make a visit of the Manas complex. Travelling in the Talas region you have an amazing opportunity to go 22km from the city where the historical complex "Manas-Ordo" is located.

There is a legend connected with the place, it says that it was created in 1334 in order to be tomb for the dyed daughter of Emir Abuki Kianizek-khatun. But the other notes say that it was created in honor of the famous and greatly respected warrior Manas. The other legend that may be heard in the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan says that the wife of Manas –Kanykei built the mausoleum right above the place of bury.

In the course of a tour you can make a witness of all balbals – they are like warriors who make a serve for eternity. We are glad if you decide to travel in Kyrgyzstan with car rent and assure that everything will be going great here.