Kyrgyz Peak Pobeda

            In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you will find out that the peak Pobeda is one of the most known places in the country. In the Soviet Union it was the second highest mountain of 7439m above sea level. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan you have an opportunity to see that it is the border with China with the Chinese name Tomur Peak. You can rent a car and drive there easily.

            Travelling in Kyrgyzstan you will find out that it was mistaken by P. Semyenov. He thought it was the one like the peak Khan Tengri. That is why you may hear during your tour in Kyrgyzstan when these peaks have the same name. Though the both were known as Khan Tengri during different periods of time. In 1946 the peak was named in honor of victory in WW2.

            There were made different attempts of tours in Kyrgyzstan by teams from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. They faced with deteriorating weather conditions and failed to travel in Kyrgyzstan along the peak. The result is in 12 people survived.

            It is dangerous to travel in Kyrgyzstan along high altitude peaks as weather is unpredictable. At the same time before starting a tour in Kyrgyzstan with an aim to investigate the peak, contact professionals. Our managers will be glad to organize car rent to your wishes!