Kyrgyzstan in different seasons

Kyrgyzstan in different seasons

It is known that, the climate in Kyrgyzstan is continental and moderate. You will find out that, the temperature changes in higher elevations, especially in mountains. If you travel in Kyrgyzstan in winter, you will find it very cold. It usually begins from December till February. Spring is rather warm and it starts from March till May. Summer is hot and you can feel it from May till September. Autumn is very cool and rainy. It longs from September and sometimes till the December. The change of temperature depends on elevation.


When you travel in Kyrgyzstan in winter, you will be faced by huge precipitation of snow and frost. The average temperature in winter is + 1 °C (34 °F), in higher elevations, it becomes colder, especially in the middle of December and end in the second half of February. We don’t recommend you to come in January, because it is considered to be the coldest month with minimum average temperature–10 °C. It is great to rent a car in the winter as the prices are not so high like in the very season of trip. In your tour in Kyrgyzstan, you will see heavy blizzards in mountains, but there are no that much cold in the lowlands. If you want to travel in Kyrgyzstan, you have to take into account that almost all rural roads are closed due to unpredictable weather. Conversely, winter in Kyrgyzstan is the perfect season for ski resorts in Karakol.


One of the best tours in Kyrgyzstan can be done in spring. The weather is pretty cool and warm. You will see the first sun rays in May. Snow starts warm-up in March as well as rainy days comes in April and May. In fact, still rural roads are closed due to rain and snow. The average temperature in spring is + 16 °C (60 °F). Our company offers available tour in Kyrgyzstan, where you will see blooming flowers and trees. It is the ideal time to see the fresh beginning of the spring, where farmers begin their works on the fields with the first rays of sun.


In order to try all summer entertainments, you have to travel in Kyrgyzstan. The weather varies and the average temperature is about 35 °C (95°F) and sometimes it can rise up to 45° C (113° F). In mountains, it is cool. You are going to visit all interesting places in summer, if you travel in Kyrgyzstan. Our company has prepared amazing tours in Kyrgyzstan.

You will have opportunity to visit rural places, where you can see glaciers, lakes as well as panoramic peaks. Tours in Kyrgyzstan will provide you with staying in dwellings – yurts, which is considered to be the heritage of all Kyrgyz people. Car rent service works any season of the year and is ready to organize a trip for the guests. During your tour in Kyrgyzstan, you will ride a horse, trekking, hiking, taste national dishes and of course swimming in the large alpine Issyk Kul Lake. Summer is a busy season, thus, you have book accommodation before you travel in Kyrgyzstan. We recommend traveling in Kyrgyzstan for the inspiring holidays. We wish you all the best in your tours in Kyrgyzstan!


September is another month, where you will have an opportunity to visit many astonishing places as in summer. If you like cool weather and at the same time warm, so it is perfect season to travel in Kyrgyzstan. Mountains in Kyrgyzstan are looks much better in autumn. You will find many yellow colored trees if you decide to take tours in fall season. You will see white mountains, which are covered by snow. The weather in autumn is changes all the time with average temperature of + 3 °C (37.5 °F). It is much colder in mountains.

With us, you will be participated in Kyrgyzstan in different seasons photo-shoot. Autumn is harvesting season, where all farmers and gardeners collect their crops. We offer an abundant choice of cars for rent and hope you will find the one for your soul. You will see combination of yellow ground and snow that will amaze you. Due to the heavy rains and cold, rural roads will be closed.

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