Language in Kyrgyzstan

Foreign guests of Kyrgyzstan usually take a tour with rent a car in Bishkek in order to learn about the language by getting to know the local people. This way you can both travel and expand your knowledge, even if you learn a few words in the local language.

By contacting our company for a tour with rent a car in Bishkek, you will also receive dictionaries in the Kyrgyz and Russian languages. Nevertheless, we also have English-speaking guides who will help you with any question in your travel to Kyrgyzstan. On the tour, you will be told that the Kyrgyz language is one of the Turkic languages, as well as the history of the language.

When analyzing the language in a tour with rent a car in Bishkek through Kyrgyzstan, it will become clear to you that the first script was Orkhon-Yenisei. Exploring the history of the development of the Kyrgyz language, it became clear that after that people used the Arabic alphabet. This transition was facilitated by the connection with the religion of Islam. Another alphabet used by the Kyrgyz people was Latin. However, the times of the Soviet Union came and the local people began to use the Cyrillic alphabet. Today, the Kyrgyz language still uses the Cyrillic with the addition of new sounds. While travel from our company you will receive the coveted tour with rent a car in Bishkek. The official language of Kyrgyzstan is Kyrgyz, which is divided into northern and southern dialects. The second required language in the country is Russian. Local residents are always happy to welcome guests of Kyrgyzstan, talk and pay attention.