Making the progress in understanding of the country visiting of Manas complex

In tours you can ask locals what places in Kyrgyzstan are the famous ones. The Manas complex certainly will be among them. The epic "Manas" is the largest epic in the history of world folklore (more than 500 thousand poetic lines). It is rightfully considered an encyclopedia of the life and history of the Kyrgyz people. The Manas-Ordo National Complex, located 22 km from the city of Talas, at the foot of the Karool-Choku Mountain, is dedicated to the main character of the work: Manas batyr. According to legend, it is the Talas region that is considered the small homeland of the hero. You can learn more from our guide while having tours. Remember about our car rent service through Kyrgyzstan.

The complex was built around the Gumbez Manas (mausoleum) back in the Soviet era. It carries in imagine the spiritual heritage of the Kyrgyz people and a great historical and cultural value. In the middle of the complex, proudly looking at the surrounding splendor, there is a monument to Manas Batyr surrounded by his 40 zhigits. When you leave, you should visit the souvenir shop and take with you at least one of the lovely things-souvenirs in the national style to remember your visit to Manas Ordo. Nowadays it is capable to take a car rent and travel via tours. We think that Kyrgyzstan is good beginning. Cultural tours give colorful emotions for people.