Rafting in Kyrgyzstan

Mountain location of Kyrgyzstan open great possibilities for all wishing to investigate great mountains and do rafting. Making car for rent tours in Kyrgyzstan means you will surely see the sites of unforgettable beauty. At the same time we assure you will get adrenaline rising in your blood. Adventures along rivers and streams of Kyrgyzstan are connected with rafting possibilities. Long time ago rivers and streams were the mean of connection and transportation. Now they are the mean of getting joy and adrenaline.

Being in Kyrgyzstan rent cars trip there is an opportunity to raft along the river in order to get unique emotions. But there are some rules: you must undergo special training course. If you are a professional you can raft being in a tour in Kyrgyzstan as there are different levels of complexity: levels higher the 3rd category as these are considered already extreme situations. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan in  case you are not experienced and have a strong desire to raft along the river, there may be chosen easy “kid” levels.

Kyrgyzstan is a country of possibilities and we are glad to give you all these possibilities. Thank you for travelling in Kyrgyzstan with our company, we highly appreciate it! Contact our managers to organize your tour in advance as there may not be vacant ones as the travel tour in Kyrgyzstan has already started!