Restaurants and cafes

We offer the restaurant “Arzu”, where you can taste national cuisine and enjoy Kyrgyz culture.  You will have opportunity to taste Kyrgyz, Uigur, Dungan and European food. It is worth to travel in Kyrgyzstan. The location is Togolok Moldo, 13 near the statue of Kojombul baatyr or “Plaza” Hotel 4*. The restaurant has two smoking and non-smoking halls and of course summer terrace if you like to be on air. The restaurant is designed in traditional Kyrgyz style and very cozy. You can have lunch or dinner for 15 $. The menu is varied and includes meals, which is based on beef, rarely lamb meat as well as fish and poultry. If you are vegetarian, you can order food that based on vegetables, but you have to take into accounts that you will not see a big choice. Being in “Arzu” restaurant, which is situated in Togolok Moldo, 13 don’t miss to taste manty! It is steamed dumplings with meat, or potatoes, or greens presented, even pumpkin and served in a special dish - kaskan. There is another branch of this restaurant called “Arzu Grand”, where you can enjoy in a big company for celebrating parties. You will find it on Jibek Jolu st. The “Arzu” restaurant is very popular among travellers, which offers available prices and service. We recommend you to visor this amazing place in your tours in Kyrgyzstan.

The next restaurant you are going to visit on cars for rent in your tours in Kyrgyzstan is “Tyubeteika”. It is almost same as “Arzu” restaurant but cheaper. If you visit this restaurant, you will be enjoyed by atmosphere and listen Kyrgyz national songs. Being in Kyrgyzstan with your children, you can visit this restaurant on Saturday and enjoy children’s holiday from 11-00 to 14-00. Travel in Kyrgyzstan and try the best national cuisine! Location:  Turusbekov 31.

We will continue our tour in Kyrgyzstan by visiting “chayhana Navat”. “Chayhana” means “teahouse”. Being in chayhana, you will have opportunity to have a nice conversation and taste traditional Kyrgyz tea as well as learn news and gossips. You will taste delicious jam and many delightful sweets. Is available to taste European and Chinese cuisine there. Locations are: Kievskiy 114/1, Fuchika 3, Tokombaev 32, Turusbekov 100, Kurmanjan Datka 242, Baytik Baatyr 55, Ibraimova 42 streets.

“Faiza” café is very popular among travelers and very cheap. The place is always crowded due to its delicious food and price. You will not find Alcohol, because this place is Halal and they don’t charge % to the service. You going to pay only 10 som per person.

You will wait your order like 3 – 10 min due to high crowded people, you really have to visit this tasty café in the course of your tour in Kyrgyzstan. You will find it on Mederova 159, Jibek Jolu 555 Streets.

If you like exclusive cuisine, you can rent a car and visit “Chef. Tenishev’s Restaurant”.You will find it at 122, Tynystanova str., near the entrance to Oak Park from the eastern side. The place is considered to be luxury for romantic nights and peaceful atmosphere. You will have opportunity to taste European and Italian cuisine. You will get inspired by rich interior and service. Prices are rather high and varies from 30-50 $ per person.

In the course of your tours in Kyrgyzstan, you are going to find many interesting places in Orozbekova street in front of the main square Ala Too as: “Yr Kese, “Usta”, “Travel Pub”, “Nar”, “Mario”, “Omar ne Hayam”, Café-bar “Ugolok” and “Zolden”. You can taste best meat and spend a great time. if you are a dance lover, you can visit “Ugolok” and taste delicious kebabs and steaks that will amaze you. The prices vary from 15-20 $ per person.

For juicy meat, visit the premium class restaurant – Steak House “Attila”. You will taste organic meat as: low fat meat of beef, yak, lamb and horse. One interesting thing that you will never see shashlyk and marinade steaks. They make on a high degree of light and ferment their steaks during 25–60 days, thus steaks are going to be ready in 5–10 minutes. You will be amazed by perfect atmosphere and fast hospitable service. It is very cool and democratic place. You will find there wood and leather design that won’t you make indifferent. You will see walls decorated in ancient nomadic style and enjoy exclusive wine. You will taste best grilled meat ever in your tour in Kyrgyzstan. Prices rather high and varies from 20–30 $ per person. You will find “Steak House Attila” in the “Jannat” Hotel, which is opposite the Asanbay residential district. We hope you will love the cuisine and then continue your tour in Kyrgyzstan to Ala Archa gorge. It is near and convenient.

For beer and football lovers, you can visit “Pinta” Pub, which is situated on Frunze, 99 and Tokombaeva, 13. You will taste there fresh beer and enjoy on summer terrace with smoked beef, lamb and horse meat, fish and meat sets, steaks as well watch football match of your favorite team. You will have a chance to taste delicious Albanian sausages with special sauces. The prices of meat vary from 3 to 5 $ and beer from 1 up to 2.5 $.

We present to your attention modern restaurant “Navigator”. The restaurant on service about 20 years and welcome its guests. You are going to meet best food and service with calm atmosphere and enjoy your days off in this outstanding place. The food here is tasty and high quality. You will have opportunity to taste local traditional, European, East Asian. Prices are rather high and vary from 20 to 30 $. You will find out English speaking stuff and menu. The quality of the restaurant is on top and you will be inspired by the service. You will find it in downtown Bishkek, and right in the middle of the town, 103, Moskovskaya str. We recommend you to visit this place if you travel in Kyrgyzstan. It really worth it. Beside this, the restaurant is very popular among travelers.

“Buffet” is another place for eating in Bishkek. You will find it in 147/1 Chuy str, 96 Kievskaya str, 174 Chuy str and 7 Manas Str. Canteens. It works 24/7. Very comfortable for travelers. You will taste homemade dishes and have tasty drinks. It is very cheap canteen and can accommodate 150 people. You are going to have healthy breaskfast for 70 soms ($1), lunch or dinner - 140-200 soms ($2-2.8), plus Wi-Fi and free tea. The atmosphere and service is very good.

For healthy eaters we prepared "Slim Fit" cuisine, where you can try best healthy food and not spoil your body. The menu of this cuisine was made by special nutritionists, which based on the principle of a balanced diet. You breakfast will consist of omelets, scrambled eggs, cereals, cottage cheese and pancakes. You will taste 4 types of soups, 2 types of sandwiches, as well as bon fillets and steaks from beef, chicken and seafood. Sauces are also included, but you never find mayonnaise or ketchup in the menu. You can also add vegetable oil or black pepper in your dishes and taste best spinach with garlic. We recommend you to turn to our car rent company to be able to visit this healthy restaurant and not care about obesity.

When you travel in Kyrgyzstan you have to visit “Yr Kese” café where you can taste Kyrgyz national cuisine and feel yourself as nomad. The interior of the café is designed in ethno style with the shapes of the Soviet Kirghizia and the national flavor. Prices are not expensive and famous among travelers. You will taste national drinks as Jarma, Maksym, Bozo, Chalap and serve Kumis in leather container as well as dishes: different kind of soups, meat and noodles, and of course syuzme, jerky and other tasty dishes. You will have opportunity to be in touch with Kyrgyz cuisine and enjoy organic food. We believe you will like this amazing place in your tour in Kyrgyzstan.