Like other peoples of the world, Kyrgyz rituals play an important role in the life of the people. The rituals are special, unique and represent a rich complex that travelers can explore during the tour with rent the car Bishkek service in Kyrgyzstan. Such tours with Kyrgyzstan rent cars service to travel around the territory while studying rituals and traditions you can take from us. Traveling around Kyrgyzstan with the cars for rent service during the tour, you will find out that mainly the culture, tradition, customs and rituals are based on the Turkic culture.

Therefore, let's start with a complex of rituals associated with childbirth. When a child is born, the parents inform their family and friends about this good news and this is called suiunchu. After informing suiunchu, they receive gifts for this. Next comes the korunduk, this is the child’s show, when friends and close relatives see the baby for the first time and give any amount of money for this. Then the holiday in honor of the birth of a baby becomes when many guests are invited, this event is called beshik toi. Beshik means cradle, and this is the process of publicly laying a child in a cradle with a ritual of burning juniper. A lot of delicious traditional dishes are prepared and treated to guests. Then the child turns one year old, the baby begins to take the first steps and a celebration of Tushoo kesuu is held, this is cutting the fetters. Many guests with children are also invited to this holiday. These children will compete in running and the winner will cut the fetters on the legs of the child. You will learn more about everything from your guide during the tour with rent a car Kyrgyzstan service, traveling in a country rich in culture.

And so the following rituals that are acceptable for Kyrgyzstan are associated with the wedding. Weddings are almost the most important event that must be held in a large restaurant with a large number of guests. Yes, this pleasure is not cheap these days. Previously, there was ala kachuu, which is bride stealing. The groom could steal any girl if he liked her as a bride and the girl could no longer leave the groom's house according to local old traditions. Today, law prohibits this method of marriage. Then there is the nike kyiuu ritual, which is the legalization of marriage according to Muslim traditions. Travelers during the tour with rent the car Bishkek service will find out that there is still kyz uzatuu, this is seeing off the bride, when many guests come from relatives and friends to say goodbye to the bride. Then they set the wedding day and do it with a large number of guests in one of the country's restaurants.


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