You've made the decision to visit Kyrgyzstan, but you want to take the scenic route. In turn, if you're on a tour, we'd like to tell you about a country where you can rent a car. Renting a car in Kyrgyzstan and around the country is possible, but alternative modes of mobility, such as public transportation and taxis, are also available.

Cars are driven on the left side of the road here for your convenience. Right-handed folks are accepted as well, though in lower numbers. All passengers have a total of ten hours to use public transit. Depending on the exchange rate, 1 USD costs around 85 som. The Mercedes Sprinter is the most often used Marshrutka (minibus). Yutong buses can be observed; a ride costs about 8 som.

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The cab costs between 100 and 130 som plus an additional 50 to 100 som depending on the day and destination. Taxis operate for several companies at the same time. Private drivers are also available, but they are far more expensive.

We provide a large assortment of cars for tour participants to rent. All you have to do is get in touch with us via e-mail or phone and express your wish to travel around Kyrgyzstan. We also have an intriguing concept for Kyrgyzstan with our team. Because driving through the mountains on a tour is tough, we may assert that the best way to visit distant regions is by 4x4 car. The following offers are being offered on behalf of our employees.

01-04 persons – Mitsubishi Delica
05-10 persons – Mercedes Sprinter
11-25 persons – 2 Mercedes Sprinter
25 and more – big bus (Neoplan, Setra, Yutong)