Uzgen minaret of the 11th century

A 54-kilometer drive from Osh is the Uzgen complex, one of the most important historical sites in terms of architectural value. Most travelers to Kyrgyzstan rent a car and drive along the Kara Darya River on their tours.

The complex's history may be traced back to the second and first century. Fergana Valley residents travelled to Kashgar in search of business opportunities. Karakhanid state's capital from 9th to 12th centuries. That's how long it's taken to build the facility.

Those taking Kyrgyzstan tours in a car rent may explore the grounds and see the 45-meter-high mausoleum. In the end, it was disassembled, and it grew to a height of around 20 meters. A burned brick building is separated into three halves. As part of our Kyrgyzstan car rent service tour, we'll be spotlighting the country's greatest attractions.

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