Waterways of the Kyrgyz land

It is the country of pure nature and our team is glad to offer the tour based on reaching of the remote rivers of Kyrgyzstan on cars for rent. At the same time it is estimated about 40000 rivers being in the country, more in the mountains. So here you can rent a car and travel to the rivers of our easy reach, as many of them being placed too high in the mountains. So, before you take a route here, it is required to find out the data of the rivers of the state closer.

It is quite known that rivers, not all but some, were created in the result of climate change, or in other words glaciers melting. In the course of the tour not all of the rivers can be seen by the boarders, as located at great heights. But many are good for rafting, which can be taken just under the view of professionals. And in our company you have a chance to try rafting, at least for an hour. Rivers can be presented by River Naryn as the longest one, of 535km. It is famous for the division into Big and Little Naryn Rivers, making the branches of At Bashi and Kekemeren, creating the Toktogul Reservoir.

There is an idea needed to be known by all of the locals and the boarders, as the drying up of the water ponds, like happened with the Aral Sea by Uzbekistan resources. We would like to give more details about the rivers, as Talas being the main one. It was created in 751, in the times when the side of China population suffered from the western threats. In the north of the country the Chui can be found, especially while wandering about the Boom gorge. Then we mention Chui, being the part of the Khan Tengri range. By the way, there was an idea of creating the bridge in 2003, but the idea failed actually. For the next river we would like to note is the Chatkal, based in the west of the Tien Shan Mountains of Kyrgyzstan. It is made the way along valleys, taking the way of 120km, making up the range of Chandalash. Now it is possible to travel here with a great views taken.